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Doggone Farm®, located in Amesbury Massachusetts, is named for our beloved companion Diamond Dog. She was the inspiration and model for our trademarked Diamond Dog logo and farm name.

While originally a Christmas tree farm, since 2000, the Doggone Farm has expanded and increased its operation. Today, we are an award-winning custom grower, specializing in high-quality select vegetables and fruits, including tomatoes, blue potatoes, berries, and of course, trees. We have a number of customers to whom we sell our harvests, and they are integral in helping determine what we grow every year.

Some of our most recent additions include our high density apple and grape trellises, UV-screened tomato and pepper field, a commercial greenhouse to start and protect sensitive plants, and new cycles of Concolor Fir and Frasier Fir Christmas trees - many of which will be ready as live-cut trees in a few years.

We are especially proud to have received ribbons and awards at the Topsfield Fair Vegetable and Fruit Exhibitions for the past 8 years. In 2016, we were honored with a special Vegetable Entry Award, and in 2017, the Sweepstakes Plate Award for a top entry within the Commercial Growers’ Division. Visit our Galleries for photographs of our awards, the farm, and what we grow.