Relaxing - finally!

End of a long day, nice summer sunshine! 

Update on Trellises

Grapes have taken well to the trellises - we planted traditional roses since they can act as an early warning for some diseases that attack grapes. Apples are growing more slowly.

Moving Plants Outside

Most of our plants, including tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers and pumpkins, are started indoors from seed. When they get large enough, and the weather co-operates, we prep the gardens and transplant to bring them to maturity. 

New Trellises

We're off and running with a new project, two sets of high density trellising for Honeycrisp and Fuji apples and Marquette grapes. Construction pictures below.

Concolor Firs are Growing Up

It's hard to believe that in 2009 we planted a new set of Christmas trees, including Frasier and Concolor Firs. Eight years later, the Concolors, with their lovely citrus scent, have taken to this location and are doing nicely. In another year or so, they'll make a wonderful addition to any home at the holiday.